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re: Hemp Prohibition

From: jodi
Date: 10/11/99
Time: 11:29:07 AM


Chris argues we need to differentiate between the "Drug war" and the hemp embargo. And while as a Canadian hemp (and other oil seed) entrepreneur I have worked diligently to educate people about the products I promote, I see a "divide and conquer" mentality in action. As long as we have people fighting amongst themselves to declare their activities somehow superior to the efforts of others, we're going to have these kinds of problems. Seperate issues? Yes. Does that mean they don't impact each other? Just because hemp has different properties and uses than psychoactive cannabis, does that mean we need to accept the drug war, or refuse to address not only how it impacts people all over the globe but our industry as well? Lets be honest enough to recognize that it is the DEA itself who refuses to differentiate. As long as there is a war on THC, hemp will forever be thrown in the fray. I've had to battle issues of "hidden agendas" for years. It seems clear to me that yes, we need to continue to differentiate between the properties of hemp products and psychoactive cannabis, and we need to recognize how the drug war impacts our industry's ability to grow and prosper. I don't know the answer. I'm just recognizing the "playing field"...

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