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It is good to make a stand.

From: Geoffrey Lyford
Date: 10/11/99
Time: 11:31:06 PM


Calmly, we must make a stand, and I offer thanks to the people who created this site to facilitate us doing that. In a few years I hope that we will have successfully fostered something good and will look back on times of trouble with pride that we rendered some good service. No one person or business has sufficient resources, but together, people do. That is one good thing about hemp which helps us - our common belief and bond of improving life. We must keep in mind that this is a plant supplied by Nature, and that we are right to defend Nature in ways that others can understand: in the legal and political and economic arenas. But the source of our strength lies deep in our bond of oneness with each other and with Nature, and we must tap into that. Don't forget - post that letter.

Geoffrey Lyford http://members.home.net/lyfordg

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