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re: Hemp Prohibition

From: alex@kethi.gr (Green Planet)
Date: 10/15/99
Time: 7:03:45 AM


I have to agree with Jodi. I am not in the hemp business yet - hope to manage soon - but I follow the developments of the industry since 1994.In my opinion and having in mind the situation in Greece we must not seperate the issues - it is one issue the legalisation of hemp for all its uses (industrial, medical,euphoric). As we all understand it hemp became illegal in the first place as a "drug" but the real reasons were economics. The "drug" threat is now the weapon in the hands of DEA (and similar agencies all over the world) in order to stop the growth of the industry. What if THC was not illegal? What excuse would they have to seize hemp products? And why we accept the seperation of the issues, arming in such way the weapon of DEA? What I will try to do in Greece, is to cooperate with the organisations aiming at the legalisation of cannabis. It is not just economics, it is a political issue having to do with the respect to individual freedom and the respect to the planet.

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