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DEA Hemp Seizure & Drug Testing

From: Tim Stone
Date: 10/21/99
Time: 4:28:20 PM


A possible aspect of the DEA seizure of the Canadian hemp seed crop that hasn't been highlighted concerns drug testing. To the best of my imperfect knowledge, the U.S. courts have upheld the legitimacy of drug testing in part on the idea that there is no way one could test legitimately positive for cannabis on a drug test other than by having consumed illegal pot in some form at some time. However, there have recently been several cases where someone tested positive and got off on the basis of having consumed perfectly legal hemp oil (containing trace amounts, like the seized hemp seed shipment, of THC). If one can consume legal hemp products that might give a positive drug test, that could put the entire legitimacy if the billion dollar drug testing industry into legal jeopardy. The courts might take a dimmer view of drug testing. I suspect one of the reasons the DEA moved to seize the hemp seed is to try and criminalize _all_ human consumption of any hemp products and thereby safeguard the drug testing industry from any legal problems having to do with true, legal positive test results. The DEA is killing two birds with one stone in seizing the hemp seed: They are trying to smother the infant hemp industry in the cradle, _and_ safeguarding the drug testing industry at the same time.

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