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Re: Bongs, chatroom, more messages & search

Date: 1/15/00
Time: 1:15:44 AM


Pavl Says: --------------- >It is the same plant, it only depends on how it is treated how it is used. --------------- Pavl, that's not the case. The plant that creates an intoxicating effect is NOT the same plant as used for industrial hemp. It's a different cultivar. ------------ >Would it not be better if we got together? ------------- Not as long as one is a burgeoning industry, and the other a felony. ------------- >it is the same plant -------------- Not as I understand it, the intoxicating plant is a different cultivar. ----------- >we have tried for years to tell people it is >diferent, it is the same plant! ----------- That cannot be, because one's BRED for the intoxicating effect, and the other is not. Since on cannot become intoxicated ( other than through anoxia ) by smoking industrial hemp, then logic dictates that they are not the same plant. ------------- >All of it is good, I want the whole plant, for >medicine and clothes. ------------- Then you are saying you want different plants. Pavl, you, and others, MUST choose your side. The legalization of marijuana is an entirely separate issue from the cultivation and use of industrial hemp.

If you link the two issues, then you doom them both to a legislative purgatory, where nothing will be resolved.

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