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Bird Breeding

From: M S
Date: 2/4/00
Time: 5:55:35 PM


I have breed Canaries sucessfully now for over 17 years- at present I have over 200 breeding pairs canaries and 100 pairs of various other songbirds capable of producing over 2200 hatchlings a year. My Canaries only breed once a year (in just a few weeks) for 8-12 weeks. In past years I have used 100-300 lbs of hempseed per year. Feeding only hempseed for 1-2 weeks. (basically, hemp seed makes a male Canary horny!) This year I have 45 lbs of seed left (feral!)and fear this will be my last year. Hempseed is crucial for effective breeding of songbirds. So far this year, only half of my males are singing. The past 17 years they were falling off their perches in song. Our family only makes $100,000 a year, my local, state and federal represenitives have answered no letters. Obviously we dont make enough and have not contributed enough money to them for any of their time. Once again big business wins out over the little guy! Where do I sign up?

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