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Yes hemp is good for all life

From: mike
Date: 3/5/00
Time: 9:58:39 AM


----- Original Message ----- From: John Dvorak <boston.hemp@pobox.com> To: <boston.hemp@pobox.com> Cc: <boston.hemp@pobox.com> Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2000 3:21 PM Subject: HEMPOLOGY.ORG - 3/4/2000 UPDATE - OVER 50 HEMP REFS AND HEMP FOR VICTORY ARCHIVE

> March 4, 2000 > > Over the last week, http://hempology.org/ has added two large collections > of hemp history to its archives. This brings the total number of words of > hempformation posted to the Boston Hemp Co-op's Digital Hemp History Library > to 110,882 . A powerful search engine allows you to search the entire site > by keyword or phrase. > > 1) Thanks to the good folks at Eco'Fields in Chicago > (http://www.ecofields.com/main.html , ecofields@msn.com , 312-867-0624), you > can now read what Marco Polo, Sir Francis Drake, Shakespeare > Franklin, Adam Smith, Thomas Paine, Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, Robert Louis > Stevenson and many others wrote about cannabis hemp. Over 50 different > sources dating from Aesop's Fables and the Buddhist Doctrine written around > 500bc to the Presidential Proclamations & Executive Orders > have been indexed and chronologically listed on http://hempology.org/ . > Just look for the *NEW!* symbol. > > 2) As mentioned in last week's missive, Craig D. Putnam of American Eagles > Seeds (gpitman@lkdllink.net > War II's Hemp for Victory campaign in Minnesota. In addition to several ads > from the Jackson County Pilot asking for hemp mill workers, Craig has > donated over 30 articles that document the story of how the Federal > government manipulated America' farmers into growing "Hemp for Victory" and > then abrubtly shutting down the entire industry. If ever there was a > tailor made screenplay that illustrates how government intervention has > added to the plight of the farming community, this is it. Just go to the > Hemp for Victory section or look for the *NEW!* symbol. > > We now return you to your regularly scheduled brainwashing. > > With bast regards. > I am, > John E. Dvorak, Hempologist (boston.hemp@pobox.com) > Founder of the Boston Hemp Co-op, > Curator of the Co-op's Museum, and > Webmaster of the Digital Hemp History Library: http://hempology.org/ > > >

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