Los Angeles, California

Dennis Weaver is a leader in the drive to legalize the growth of industrial hemp anywhere in the United States, and he is encouraging enactment of appropriate approval in California. He is supporting the Coalition for Agricultural and Industrial Renewal (C.A.I.R.) in its increasingly successful move to gain California acceptance for the crop. 

Weaver recently returned to the United States from Canada (where industrial hemp farming is legal), having completed his co-starring role in "The Virginian," a feature which will be shown on TNT January 9.

As the president and founder of The Institute of Ecolonomics, Weaver is actively working to protect the environment worldwide, while strengthening the economy. In his opinion, growing industrial hemp is an Ecolonomic project which has countless beneficial applications.

Noted for an acting career in all media, and honored for such series as "McCloud" and "Gunsmoke," Weaver quotes from a resolution approved by the California State Assembly on September 10 which states: 

"Industrial hemp can be easily distinguished from marijuana by appearance, cultivation methods and chemical analysis because industrial hemp is a non-intoxicating, benign form of the cannabis sativa plant that contains less than 1% tetrahydrocannabinol, while marijuana contains 5 to 20 percent."

Weaver, his wife, Gerry, and others who realize how valuable the cultivation of industrial hemp can be to California's environment and economy, are urging the California State Senate and Governor Gray Davis to concur with the Assembly and permit its planting. Proponents say it has a wide variety of uses, from paper to plastics to feed protein, and that it can be grown in otherwise marginal cropland, requires less water, and requires little or no herbicide or pesticide application.

When Dennis is not busy with his acting he is working on behalf of his Institute of Ecolonomics. He is the publisher and editor of its newsletter. He drives, with Gerry, to wherever in America they can support inventors, developers and innovators who are striving to improve and protect the environment.

To contact Mr. Weaver, please telephone Julian Myers Public Relations, at (310) 827-9089.

For further information regarding industrial hemp and the California campaign, contact C.A.I.R. at (714) 543-6400.

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