Liason in the Dark!

U.S. Customs congressional liaison in the dark about changes in hemp policy.

This is a golden opportunity to press for Senate/Congressional oversight hearings.It's time for the hemp industry to increase the pressure on the White House, DEA, and US Customs on multiple fronts. 

John Roulac -

Date: 1/15/00 4:00 PM

From: Schlepp Ranch,

I received a call from one of U.S. Senator Larry Craig's staff members in reference to my e-mail below. 

The Senators staff person contacted the U.S. Customs congressional liaison to ask about the changes in guidelines. The liaison knew NOTHING about the new guidelines. The liaison office WAS involved in the Dec 7 memo unveiling but was kept in the dark about the Jan. 5th turnaround. To put it mildly the congressional liaison was embarrassed and somewhat put out about not being kept abreast of the situation. In fact, until the staff member faxed them the Canadian circular you e-mailed me, they knew nothing about the new guidelines. 

I am new to the Industrial Hemp wars, but not to the political ones. This is a golden opportunity to DEMAND senate oversight committee hearings. 

The fact that DEA is forcing the issue and using U.S. Customs (an unwilling sister agency) is an opening I would encourage the NAIHC and others to exploit to the fullest. An opportunity like this will not happen again any time soon. PLEASE have anyone you can think of get their Senator or Representative to call the U.S. Customs congressional liaison in Washington D.C immediately, before they get their act together. As of late Friday afternoon the Customs officials and the liaison were in total confusion. 

While that may not be an epiphany for you, it made quite an impression on the Senator Craig's staff member that they were so unorganized when it came to Industrial Hemp Guidelines. My hope would be that if enough congressional staff members called the liaisons office it would become apparent to congressional staff members(the ones we need to help us) that the Hemp question needs to be looked at. 

Good luck, Mike Schlepp