Call for Plaintiffs!

Call for Plaintiffs v ONDCP and DEA re hemp embargo
From: "David C. Frankel" <>

To get a sense of whether we can stand together - 
We're already sharing the burden of the ONDCP's and DEA's illegal position - accordingly, I suggest we share it in an organized way. There are many companies that have lost profits far exceeding a $1,000-5,000 litigation budget. Therefore, we should identify a large number of plaintiffs and chip in $100,000 to cover expenses and discounted lawyers' fees. 

I also propose that we sell "Hemp War Bonds" to do it. These bonds would be designed like the old "Grow Hemp For War" Posters and would represent the following deal - if we lose then we all lose. But if we win so that the money raised from the bonds actually results in the growth of the industry, each company that joins as a plaintiff agrees to guarantee some amount of the bonds to be paid over time out of future profits. If there is enough interest, we can organize a coalition to sell Hemp War Bonds - thereby further educating the public which is our shared objective - but we also raise the "war chest" required to defend the hemp industry and hemp agricultural and, accordingly, bio-regional sustainability - a carbohydrate economy - alot is at stake.

Those interested in confidentially discussing being added as a plaintiff may arrange a time with me by emailing I am confident that a united effort and coordinated approach now can sound the death knell of hemp prohibition - but time is of the essence. Namaste :)